Calbee Pea Snack


Nutritional information per serving:
Energy: 293kal
Protein: 10.5g
Fat: 15g
Carbs: 32.2g
Salt equivalent: 0.4g

These vibrant pea snacks are a delightful and health-conscious alternative to traditional snacks. Infused with dietary fiber, they not only satisfy your cravings but also provide a beneficial boost to your daily intake. Crisp and light, each piece bursts with a fresh pea flavor that is subtly enhanced with just the right amount of seasoning to appeal to both adults and children alike. The texture is satisfyingly crunchy, making them a perfect snack for any time of the day. Whether you’re looking for a quick nibble between meals or a guilt-free option to accompany your lunch, these pea snacks are an excellent choice for those who appreciate flavor without compromising on health.


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