Orange Flavored Gummies – 果汁グミ


Enjoy these orange flavored gummies!

Nutritional information per serving:
Energy: 178kal
Protein: 2.9g
Fat: 0g
Carbs: 41.5g
Salt equivalent: 0.016g

Meiji’s Orange Flavored Gummies offer a delightful burst of citrus that captures the essence of freshly squeezed orange juice. These gummies are soft, chewy, and generously coated in sugar, enhancing their natural sweetness. With each bite, you experience a vibrant, tangy flavor derived from real orange juice, making them intensely flavorful and refreshingly fruity.
These gummies are perfect for those who love fruity flavors and are seeking a sweet treat that offers a genuine taste of orange with a delightful chewy texture. Whether as a quick snack or a light dessert, Meiji’s Orange Flavored Gummies are a satisfying choice for any citrus lover.


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