Nori Flavored Potato Chips – のり塩ポテトチップス


Enjoy these nori flavored potato chips!

Nutritional information per serving:
Energy: 337kal
Protein: 3.3g
Fat: 21.6g
Carbs: 32.5g
Salt equivalent: 0.7g

The Nori Flavored Potato Chips by Koikeya offer a delightful twist on traditional snacks, combining the crispiness of classic potato chips with the umami-rich flavor of seaweed. Each chip is lightly dusted with nori powder, providing a perfect balance of salty and oceanic tastes. The chips have a slightly green hue and a texture that’s crispy yet not overly greasy. Ideal for those looking to explore Japanese-inspired flavors or seeking a unique, tasty snack, these chips are refreshingly different and deliciously satisfying. Perfect with a cold drink or as a standout addition to any snack spread.


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